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Benefits and savings

of UK consumers no longer trust companies with their personal information

Source: ICO

average cost per company of a single data breach

Source: IBM 2020

of customer information, on average, is inaccurate

Source: Experian

Cufflink helps your business reduce risks and save money.

cufflink app displaying the enhanced security for organisations
Enhancing security

Distributed storage and audit

Your customers' data is encrypted on their device with access strictly controlled and audited via the blockchain.

Our innovative, decentralised data storage and (patent pending) access model reduces data breach and regulatory (GDPR/ CCPA) compliance risks and costs whilst enhancing openness and accountability.

All your personal data is secure on Cufflink, with data encrypted on your device (AES-256), in transit (Signal Protocol) and when in storage (AES-GCM)

Building trust

Open and transparent data sharing

Simpler customer sign-up and integration allows for earlier and more tailored customer engagement, experience and insights.

Shared data is licensed to companies, making it available and immutable throughout the life of the agreement by both parties.

Our open, transparent and mutually beneficial solution:

cufflink app displaying the enhanced accuracy of customers information
Improving accuracy

Who knows their personal data better than your customers?

Cufflink lets your customers manage their own information with changes and updates automatically pushed to linked parties.

Our bidirectional data sync and ratings mechanism offers companies greater customer insights alongside more representative and accurate costings.

How Cufflink can help your company

By securely outsourcing personal information back to your customers, Cufflink helps companies mitigate data breach, governance and compliance risks.

Our corporate SaaS provides a more secure, transparent and cost-effective way to manage your customer data, enhancing trust and adding value.

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