Cufflink adds more talent to its app development team

Cufflink adds more talent to its app development team

Continuing the rapid expansion of our Cufflink team, we’re delighted to bring Neil Brown on board as a software developer to help bring our app to life.

Neil is a graduate of Lancaster University who has worked in a number of industries across the globe, with a heavy focus in analytics throughout his career.

Particularly experienced with Flutter, Neil is passionate about privacy and data security, as he spoke of his excitement about joining the Cufflink team.

“Cufflink really appealed to me on multiple levels.” Neil said. “This is a project totally in line with my own values and addresses a topic I am passionate about. I have been working with Flutter for a few years now on my own projects, so it’s great to finally deploy these skills in a professional environment.

“The world needs, and is trying hard, to catch up with what people want to happen with their data and personal information. We are all working towards the same goal, being in charge of your own data – this idea alone will change the world for the better.”

We are excited to welcome Neil to the team and look forward to working with him to continue developing the Cufflink solution in the future.