Cufflink partners with M-SParc to bring local talent home.

Cufflink partners with M-SParc to bring local talent home.

(Article originally published by Menai Science Park on November 19th 2020)

Menai Science Park continues to innovate to create well-paid careers in science and technology as it has partnered with one of its tenant companies – award-winning Cyber start-up, Cufflink – to create more jobs.

Established in 2018 to diversify and stimulate the region’s economy, M-SParc is not only providing well-paid career opportunities for local people, but also innovating to encourage local people to return home to live and work in north Wales.

M-SParc and their tenant companies have created almost 50 new roles in well-paid careers, and the Parc now houses over 200 people working in sectors including energy and environment, low carbon energy, ICT, and life sciences. Supporting businesses in sectors which traditionally haven’t thrived in the region, the Bangor University owned M-SParc has now created their first job-share in partnership with the cyber start-up, Cufflink, as they continue to find new ways to create exciting employment opportunities.

M-SParc Managing Director Pryderi ap Rhisiart said “We are helping stop the ‘brain drain’ of companies relocating out of Wales as soon as they grow, and of local people believing that the best way to get a well-paid career is to relocate out of the region and into a big city. This job-share with our tenant, Cufflink, is the latest of example of how M-SParc is innovating to make a real difference.

“We’ve created and supported a vast number of careers. Companies which would have left the region are now staying right here in north Wales to develop. Many University students are taking internship opportunities at M-SParc, and now we’re seeing people returning to work here. Our latest recruit, Jamie Thomas, is an example of the type of people who are benefiting from M-SParc.”

CEO of Cufflink and Anglesey native, Billy Williams, said “Having left Anglesey to live and work abroad, I came home a few years ago so that my family could be raised here whilst I looked to establish a new business in the region. M-SParc was a key factor in this, given the support and infrastructure available, helping us to grow both the company and the team.

“Working day to day with like-minded businesses has also been really helpful with close links to Bangor University enabling us to provide highly skilled internships for local students. Recent graduates, Callum Murray and Gareth Parry-Jones have both stayed with us in highly skilled Technical full-time roles with Jamie Thomas also joining the team to help drive and develop our Marketing Strategy going forward.”

Mr ap Rhisiart said this job share is an example of the collaborations which exist within M-SParc “We are collaborating on projects with over 50% of our tenants, and all our tenants are collaborating with at least one other company at the Park, including six start-up companies formed by Bangor University students.

“People were worried during development that there would be an element of competition between our tenants, but it is increasingly clear that collaboration with like-minded people with similar goals is what helps businesses thrive, and is one of the core benefits that M-SParc has to offer.

“We are very proud of the work we have done to date. Our park is now almost at full capacity, with our fantastic tenants innovating, growing and providing significant economic and social benefits to the region every day.”