Limit the likelihood and impact of a personal data breach

Our corporate SaaS provides companies with a more secure, personalised and open data management process, enhancing compliance and mitigating costs.

How can Cufflink help your company?

We split, encrypt and distribute your personal data

We then licence it's access, controlling what can and can't be done with it

And it's getting worse

Almost half of these attacks involve the loss of personal data, directly impacting 26,000 people (that’s you and me) and costing each company on average £2.5 million

This commoditisation of our personal data has created a "cyber security arms race" with companies having to spend an ever-increasing proportion of their IT budgets defending themselves from attack.

Benefits and savings

Limit the likelihood and impacts of a data breach

Distributed storage and audit

Cufflink makes companies more secure by limiting the likelihood and impacts of cyber security attacks by controlling exactly what can and can’t be done with personal data.

Our patent pending combination of cutting-edge encryption and decentralised (or Blockchain) Technologies, splits, encrypts and distributes the personal data.

White label data licensing

Access and control

Our “White label” data licenses control “the Terms” of access to the personal data by limiting who can access the data, from where and for what purpose, integrating seamlessly across the enterprise and across all customer touch points.

Licenses are tagged to personal data on a record-by-record basis allowing for finely grained access conditions to be created to govern data sharing both inside and outside the organisation.

How is Cufflink different?

Honey Pots

Current solutions ignore the “honey pots” of personal data, concentrating on building bigger, thicker walls and testing those walls for gaps.

Cufflink changes the nature of the personal data to spread the risks for companies … so that even if someone breaks in… there’s no personal data for them to steal!

At Cufflink we have a different approach to personal data.

Our corporate Software as a Service provides a more secure, transparent and cost-effective way to manage your customer data, enhancing trust and adding value.

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