Cufflink for your organisation


Mitigation of regulatory risks and costs (GDPR, CCPA)

Improved security for consumer personal information

Increased accuracy of consumer information

Pay only for what you get

Increased consumer trust

Improved customer experience

Improved audit and governance

Increased security and breach mitigation

"Did you know..."

of consumers no longer trust companies with their personal information

Source: ICO

is the average cost of a data breach for organisations

Source: IBM

of an organisation’s customer information, on average, is inaccurate

Source: Experian

Our corporate service provides a more secure, transparent and accurate way to manage your customer data.

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Cufflink for organisations

cufflink app displaying the enhanced security for organisations


Breach mitigation

Reduce Personal Information data breach risks by outsourcing PI storage and access.


Mitigate compliance and regulatory costs (GDPR, CCPA) through our secure decentralised data storage and licensed access controls.


Data quality

Immediately improve your customer data with bidirectional data ratings and automatic updates.


Our independent decentralised governance model ensures accuracy and accountability.

cufflink app displaying the enhanced accuracy of customers information


Customer experience

Simpler Sign up and earlier consumer engagement provides for a better, more tailored, customer experience, reducing both churn and friction.

Consumer Trust

Our open, transparent and mutually beneficial solution enhances trust between both parties thus ensuring greater consumer engagement, value and ultimately loyalty.

Cufflink lets you

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Regulatory compliance

Information management

Data breach risks


Data accuracy

Customer Experience





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