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Cufflink limits both the likelihood and impacts of cyber security attacks by controlling exactly what can and can’t be done with personal data.

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The opportunity

Seed Funding

We’re already disrupting the Cyber security and data privacy markets with the global market worth over £200bn globally.

We’re raising £1.3m as part of our EIS Seed funding Round providing an 18 month runway to increase market penetration and scale the technology.

At Cufflink we have an award winning
approach to personal data

Our Software as a Service provides a more secure, transparent and
cost-effective way to manage personal data and regulatory
compliance, enhancing trust and adding value


Cufflink sees personal data differently.

Our vision is to change the nature of the personal data to spread the risks for companies … so that even if someone does break in… there’s nothing of value to steal!

By helping companies be more secure and compliant alongside enhancing privacy and transparency for their customers, we aim to create a mutually beneficial data sharing economy where both companies and their customers are less likely to be impacted by a data breach.


Every 19 seconds, a UK company is hacked.

44% of these attacks involving the loss of personal data (Hiscox) with fines and penalties also tripling in 2021 to over $1.13bn.

Regulatory requirements (GDPR, CCPA etc.) have had little practical impact on the severity or likelihood of a breach with the incentives for attackers still outstripping Cyber security budgets.

This has left companies looking for more secure, compliant and cost-effective solutions to manage their customer’s data.


Cufflink mitigates data breaches via our patent(s)-pending decentralised technology (blockchain) to Split, Shift and Encrypt personal data.

Our “White Label” data licenses enhance security and compliance by capturing the terms of data provision and data access, effectively acting as the "Gatekeepers" to the personal data.

These terms include time, purpose, legal and geographical-based constraints such that companies always know exactly who's accessing what, from where and for what reason.

Vitalik Buterin

Founder of Ethereum

From Vbuterin to Cufflink

"I most like the idea of letting the user be the entity that has access to their own data and themselves have very fine-grained control over what they reveal, to whom and for what purpose."

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