Graduate Developer

Graduate Developer

A little about us

We can no longer trust institutions with our Personal Information.

Google, Facebook, TalkTalk, Cambridge Analytica… the list goes on and on and is getting bigger every day, thus exposing more information and putting more individuals at risk.

So, we have decided to build a company to challenge current thinking and reinvent Personal Information management. Cufflink is a new way to manage Personal Information and we need your help in bringing the dream to reality.

We’re all about empowering the individual and letting them own their information. Likewise, we want to empower, trust and give you the freedom and autonomy to help you create something amazing. This is our culture. We make mistakes, but we learn from them and get the job done.

You’ll help build something that really matters, and we’ll give you the tools and freedom to help best achieve this.

A little about you

You’ll be a graduate in a computing or engineering based degree with practical experience in any object-oriented programming language with, ideally, some previous experience of app development or programming in an agile environment.

You’ll understand core computer science concepts and the following terms shouldn’t surprise you: tree, recursion, hash map, interface, generics.

You’ll be a team player and a good communicator, both orally and written, and be comfortable disseminating reports / findings / summaries within the team. You’ll have a strong work ethic, be pro-active, organized, diligent (with attention to detail and an eye for quality) and a natural self-starter who will own and see things through from start to finish.

Above all else, you’re a dev! You’ll want to get your hands dirty in cutting edge technologies and be eager to use your existing and develop new skills to help design, develop and deploy the Cufflink Solution with us here at the Menai Science Park (M-Sparc) on Anglesey.

A little about why

You’ll get to work flexibly, and remotely (as needed) with some cutting-edge technologies such as Google Flutter, Blockchain and distributed storage. You’ll be supported by an experienced and skilled team of fellow developers and will be given the time and space to develop and learn in a fast, energetic and enthusiastic environment.

We really do want the best people to join the team and we’d love to be able to offer more money, however, if money is the only thing to make you tick, then maybe we’re not the right company for you.

So, if you’re a super star developer who can code in your sleep and are concerned about data privacy, love blockchain and decentralised technologies and would love to be an intrinsic part of a fantastic team behind a visionary idea, then please send your CV and a covering letter to:

cufflink job

Graduate Developer