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Cufflink helps you control how your personal data is used online.

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What is Cufflink?

Cufflink is a free app to safely store your personal data and control what you share, and with who.

Why use Cufflink?

Stop worrying about data hacks, passwords being stolen or your private data being bought and sold.

Encrypted and stored on your phone, all your data is private, safe and always with you.

"Link up" with your friends and family so they're updated when things change or connect with companies and get full control over your data online.

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Cufflink lets you control what data you share, with who and why.

cufflink app displaying different types of information that can be securely stored
Store all of your personal data

Your personal data... in one place and always to hand

In Cufflink, you can store as much or as little as you like... it's up to you.

This includes names, addresses, social media handles, passwords, bank cards, pets names, birthdays, favourite colours and a whole lot more!

Our simple and easy-to-use interface means you'll be up and running in no time.

Your data is private, safe and secure

You alone have the keys to unlock it

Cufflink encrypts your personal data on your device with the option to back it up to the cloud (just in case you lose your phone).

We also encrypt your data when you link with your friends and companies (AES-256, Signal Protocol and AES-GCM).

Cufflink can't access your personal data.

cufflink app displaying different types of sensitive information that can be stored password username etc
cufflink app displaying different types of information that can be securely shared across our network
Stay connected and up-to-date

Control how you share your personal data, with who and why

You're always in control of what personal data you share.

Share as much or as little of your data with friends or companies with our easy to understand visual prompts keeping you always in the know.

"Link up" with your friends and they get updated when things change. Likewise, if they change their details, you get updated too!

Cufflink is free and safe to use as your personal data store.

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Cufflink isn't just for people ... it's for companies too.

Our corporate service provides a more secure, transparent and accurate way to manage customer data ensuring greater trust, engagement and value for money.

Reduce personal information data breach risks by outsourcing PI storage and access. Mitigate compliance and regulatory costs (GDPR, CCPA) through our secure decentralised data storage and licensed access controls.

Cufflink lets you
Regulatory compliance
Data breach risks
Data accuracy
Customer experience

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