World Creativity and Innovation Day – how Cufflink is aiming to drive change

World Creativity and Innovation Day – how Cufflink is aiming to drive change

At Cufflink we’re proud to be using our creativity to help you, your family and friends keep your personal data safer online, and we’re doing some really exciting and innovative work with cutting-edge distributed storage and blockchain technologies.  

To celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day, we’re delighted to announce that we recently welcomed Craig Lang as a senior Blockchain Engineer to the Cufflink Team. Craig will lead the development, and use, of these exciting new technologies and has a number of years’ experience of developing and deploying solutions utilising Blockchain technologies. Craig will also drive forward our research and development capabilities ensuring your personal data stays safe and in your own hands. 

On joining Cufflink, Craig said: 

“As more companies and applications begin to explore the unique properties of blockchain, there will be an explosion of opportunities with this technology that were not previously available nor possible. I’m excited to be helping Cufflink harness blockchain’s significant potential in improving and delivering enhanced data privacy and data management capabilities for us all.” 

We’re delighted to have Craig onboard and look forward to working with him on both the free to download Cufflink App and Corporate SaaS.  

We’re continuing to grow the team over the coming months and should you be interested in joining Craig and the rest of the Cufflink team on our journey, then head over to our Careers page to find out more. 

If you’d like to become a beta tester and help us in our mission to change the way personal data is managed forever, click here to sign up today.